Rise of the Forsaken is a dark-themed and turn-based mini RPG  where you guide those who have been forsaken out of the corrupted land. 

This game was made for Hisar Jam with the theme "Linked"

Every party member has their respective elemental spell i.e. Fire, Ice, Wind, and Earth. 

By linking together two party members, they gain a large amount of shared HP and MP. Additionally, they each gain access to a combined magic spell powered by their elements. Example here.

Enjoy trying out the different combinations, and tweet us your favorite @melodicpace !


  • WASD to navigate menus and battle targets
  • Space to advance or make a selection
  • Escape to go back in menu or cancel target selection

Bonus Note: If a battle is too hard, you can skip it by pressing Page Up


  • Omar (twitter@rMelodicPaceOmar): Game design, programming, music, and some art.
  • Forsaken000 (instagram@Forsaken000): Art for Characters, monsters, and some spells (basically the art that actually looks good).
StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Dark, Magic, Pixel Art, Turn-Based Combat


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Pretty fun! Love the concept and lore!

Thanks for trying out the game! I'm glad you enjoyed it :).