Endless Dreams

Banish the demons that relentlessly haunt your dreams. There is nothing to fear as long as you guide a friendly spirit in holding the last line of sanity.

Bomb explosions can chain and cause other demons to explode granting bonus scores. Example here.

If the demons are able to pass your defenses, your fear level will increase until you succumb to the horror and lose yourself to the void. 

This was made for DevAltas Jam - March with "Hold the Line" as the theme.


  • Mouse to aim.
  • Mouse Left Click for everything: Shooting,  exploding the bomb, and advancing tutorial dialogue.


  • Omar (twitter@MelodicPaceOmar): Design, programming, music, SFX, and art.
  • Forsaken000 (instagram@forsaken000): Art.

External Assets

  • Foul Fiend font by Sinister Fonts on 1001fonts.com

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