Divided By Corruption

You are Zero, survivor of the Grand Corruption, previously featured in "Rise of the Forsaken", who battles through the corrupted lands to find respite in this world.

In order to defeat your enemies, you must strip away their steel armour first, then deal the finishing blows.

Due to overscoping, or corruption by overscoping, the game has some missing features, some known bugs, and requires much polish; however, there are a few rooms and battles to play that showcase the underlying mechanics.


  • WASD to navigate menus and battle targets
  • Space to advance or make a selection
  • Escape | Left Ctrl to go back in the Menu or cancel target selection.


  • Omar (twitter@MelodicPaceOmar): Game design, programming, music editing, and some art.
  • Forsaken000 (instagram@Forsaken000): Art for Characters, monsters, and some spells.

External Assets

  • Alexander Ehlers - Free Music Pack by tricksntraps on OpenGameArt.org


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I reall enjoyed it! Thank yo so much for this fun experience! Music was a higlight, thank you tricksntraps, and I got up in the fight scenes easily!

The designs or the monsters were perfect!

Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed this short experience :).