Borrower of Souls

To fill the void within, you have analyzed the combat styles of colored ninjas and have become the Borrower of Souls. It is the only way to survive and defeat those who lurk in the darkness. Additionally, you are still experimenting with your crafts and combat, therefore, your skills are sloppy (sloppily programmed).

This game was made for the Friday Night Game Jam - #2021-6, where a limit of 3 hours was set for developing the game solo, and the theme was "Enemies as Weapons". 

In this particular case, I had no time to do any polishing due to having some bugs that needed attention.


  • WASD: movement
  • Space: launch hook | controlled enemy
  • Mouse: to aim launch

Time-lapse of development is up on youtube here 

 Total development time was 2 hours and 55 minutes. About an extra 10 minutes were spent on testing before building and uploading.


  • Game Engine: Unity
  • Art:
    • Player and Enemies: GIMP
    • Environment: Rogue Fantasy Castle by Szadi Art. (Unity Asset Store)
  • Music: Crystal Cave (song18) by cynicmusic (OpenGameArt)


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Unfortunately a little bug occured and after wave 3 no more ennemies :( But for me it’s the best game !

Thanks for playing and providing feedback. 

I had so many annoying bugs during the development that I was pulling my hair out, so I couldn't do as much testing as i would have liked.

I'm glad you enjoyed it though! :)